3, Oct 2016
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Gorilla Bar

We are excited to announce the lauch of our very first bar, Gorilla!


Gorilla is the new bar of Thessaloniki, Greece by the creators of The Bar Testament and Pig Nose. Gorilla is based in one of the oldest and beautiful areas of the city, the Ano Ladadika, in 3 Veroias Str. The venue and its decor combine an industrial, minimal yet warm and funky style with handcrafted details that tantalize all the five senses!


Our project embodies the phrase "Fine Drinking & Fun" because Gorilla was created based on what we want and what we miss from Thessaloniki's nightlife! It's a sensory space, full of colors and flavours in a unique atmosphere dressed with dance music. Our attention focuses on our guests and their enjoyment! We are dedicated to advancing and promoting the art and practice of hospitality, offering excellent service. But above all we believe in having fun, thus every day at Gorilla we celebrate life!


We invite you on a voyage of new and unexpected flavours to new creative paths that will broaden your palette with unconventional combinations! With an emphasis on quality ingredients, we create seasonal menus with signature cocktails and twists on classic ones. We offer quality serving of over 200 spirits!


Not to be missed by city lovers!


Address: 3 Veroias Str., Thessaloniki, Greece 

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/gorillabarskg/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gorillabarskg/
Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/gorillabarskg