6, Apr 2017
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Bar Industry Seminar with Monica Berg

On Thursday, 6 of April a super interesting seminar with Monica Berg took place and bartenders from all over Greece and Cyprus attended it.


We would like to thank this wonderful, super organized, friendly, creative genius Monica Berg who showed us why this industry needs more women, and also another super talented & cool bartender from Oslo Thomas Stenbaeck. They both accepted our invitation and visited Thessaloniki for the first time in order to present a fantastic seminar in their own unique way. Monica shared with us stories from all those years of experience she spent in the field of bartending, talked about her travels and how to pair cocktails and food. They talked about their amazing distillery-bar HIMKOK in Oslo and their aquavit. We also learned about fermentation and distillation! So many topics, so much knowledge, couldn't be better!
Monica & Thomas, we can’t wait to have you back in Thessaloniki!


Also we would like to thank all the participants who traveled from all around Greece and Cyprus. Thank you for trusting us. See you all next year! Until then take care and don't stop mixing cocktails!