The Bar Testament is distinguished for many years for its valuable partnerships across Greece in bar consulting services for new and existing businesses (bar, café-bar, restaurant-bar, hotel-bar, etc.) in order to help them have a better and more efficient operation.

Our services:
• Staff training
• Design a new cocktail menu or renew the old one
• Create seasonal and thematic cocktail lists
• Bar station design
• Ergonomic bar design
• Provide bar equipment and bar tools
• Supervision services

The Bar Testament will organize your business (bar, bar-café, bar-restaurant, bar-hotel, etc.) by various services starting from training your staff, showing them techniques to create classic and modern cocktails, teaching them how to enhance their customer service and offer them bar management classes. Based on our innovation, creativity and knowledge of the latest trends in bartending, we suggest and create a new or renew your old cocktail menu for your business based on your needs. Additionaly, we can create seasonal and thematic cocktail lists, for instance, Christmas menu etc.

We design and manufacture ergonomic and functional bar stations for your bar that produce efficient and professional results. Our company provides you with the right bar equipment and tools to upgrade your services. Finally, we provide supervision services for the proper operation of your bar with frequent visits and constant communication. The Bar Testament can upgrade and develop the bar of every business making it more competitive. For more information, you can contact our company by phone, e-mail or visit our shop.