About us

The Bar Testament (Bar Supplies and Bar Services: Bar Catering and Bar Consulting) was a project that we have been working on for many years and finally opened its doors in June 2012 in the Ladadika area of Thessaloniki, Greece. It was born from our desire to share our experience in order to cover every need of modern bar keeping and offer high quality bar catering services.

The main goal of the company is to communicate the ethos of bartending to encourage more people to be members of the bartending community. 

Our bar services encompass bar catering and bar consulting services. You can avail our bar catering services for any kind of event such as weddings, christenings, birthdays, celebrations, parties, graduations, professional events, exhibitions, openings, seminars etc. Additionally, our highly trained staff and our meticulous attention to detail will guarantee premium services to you that can ensure the successful planning and execution of every event. Also, professionals can hire our mobile-bar units and run them themselves. 

In addition, our experience and expertise makes us suitable partners for the promotion and marketing of alcohol brands and companies with alcoholic products.

Through the bar consulting services, The Bar Testament will organize your business (bar, café-bar, restaurant-bar, hotel-bar) through various services starting from training your staff, setting up your bar, designing your bar stations and your cocktail menu with modern and signature cocktails.

Our new project is "The Bar Testament's Jewellery". Handcrafted, bar related, silver jewellery (shaker, jigger, strainer, cocktail pick). Check out our e-shop and place your order!

For more details please contact us and remember that for us, all of our customers are partners in our mission!